Yahoo expands content marketing and mobile advertising offerings

This blog post also published on the official Yahoo Tumblr.

Today, as we kick off Cannes, we’re excited to announce two new opportunities for our advertisers to enhance their content marketing and mobile advertising efforts: Yahoo Storytellers and Yahoo Tiles.

Yahoo Storytellers

We are launching Yahoo Storytellers, a full service content marketing studio for brands and agencies that leverages Yahoo’s editorial expertise, extensive data, and native advertising through Yahoo Gemini. Now marketers can leverage Yahoo Storytellers to successfully develop, distribute and measure premium branded content that meets consumers’ high expectations and drives engagement.

Brands including Dasani, Farmers Insurance, JetBlue and many others have partnered with Yahoo on content marketing efforts. JetBlue worked with Yahoo on a recent content marketing effort that resulted in over 3 million views of their native video ads, 31 million social media impressions, and 27% of people who viewed the JetBlue posts engaging with them.

Today we’re also excited to introduce Yahoo Tiles, a new mobile ad format that brands can leverage to reach consumers through engaging, interactive content. Yahoo Tiles enables brands to tell visually compelling and immersive stories on mobile devices in a post-tap environment. When consumers click on a mobile ad, they are taken to a custom mobile landing page that can feature 360-degree content, including video and images, as well as dynamic and interactive features such as video, swipeable images, and social feeds. With its lightweight design, Yahoo Tiles delivers a more engaging and seamless consumer experience for mobile native, video and display ads.

These efforts represent some of that latest ways that we are continuing to innovate on behalf of our advertisers and build ad offerings that deliver powerful results through the combination of Yahoo’s world-class data, content and technology.