Why financial marketers roll with video content

What better way to enjoy breakfast than with a vigorous discussion about the digital video landscape for financial advertisers?

At our New York City office we recently collaborated with the Financial Communications Society to welcome leading financial marketers including Jill Hamilton from American Express, Francie Staub from TD Ameritrade, and Patrick Kelly from Havas Media (representing Fidelity Investments) to speak with Andy Serwer, editor-in-chief of Yahoo Finance.

Here are some of the key takeaways from that conversation:

  1. Digital video is a huge brand driver. In addition to working for direct response campaigns, digital video offers a great opportunity to reimagine what can be done with a brand. Financial marketers should create digital video content that inspires people and provides value.
  2. The relationship between agency, marketer, and publisher has never been more important. Agencies and brands need to work with publishers to co-create content that’s both organic and authentic for the audience.
  3. Data is key. The better we understand our audience, the more we can provide content that’s valuable, current, and relevant to their mindset.
  4. Native formats are essential. We’re evolving beyond more intrusive formats like pre-roll toward native and custom brand integrations.
  5. The power of live video is real. We see this regularly with brand integrations into live video programming, like the live stream of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting on Yahoo. Ads in live programming lead to higher brand favorability and purchase likelihood.
  6. Programmatic unlocks targeting at scale. Programmatic offers the opportunity to tell great stories by providing different messages to different people in a scalable way. As we get better as an industry at producing creative assets more efficiently, programmatic will become even more exciting.
  7. We need to measure video differently to succeed. There's a new digital video ecosystem. We need to change which metrics we assess to gauge performance of video campaigns and allow for creativity.