Search retargeting comes to Yahoo Gemini on native supply

Every day, marketers are confronted with the challenge of reaching qualified audiences at scale. Starting today, we’re making it easier for search advertisers in the US to extend the reach of your campaigns on Yahoo Gemini, by showing your ads on our native supply using search retargeting.

Our data shows that a U.S. consumer who searches on Yahoo may see an average of 50 native ads in the following week across devices. We know users don’t always convert on the first search so we’re using the power of Yahoo Gemini to retarget users based on their search history.

Here’s how it works:

Unlike traditional search retargeting, Yahoo Gemini now enables customization at the keyword level with match types and variants. With search retargeting on native you’re enabling your campaigns to:

  • Drive more traffic: Your ads can now serve on Yahoo Gemini’s massive native supply to consumers who have signaled intent related to your product or service through a search query on Yahoo Search.
  • Tailor creative: The creative and landing pages are all based on your search campaigns and are tailored to the individual query that the consumer performed, enabling stronger personalization and user engagement.
  • Maintain control: You can change the bid adjustments at the keyword level to help optimize your return on ad spend. Performance reports for your search and your retargeting on native portions are available on Gemini reporting.

We tested search retargeting on native with 175 search advertisers before launch. Some pilot campaigns drove up to 20% incremental traffic while maintaining ROI similar to, or better than, that in their search campaigns.

"Achieving scale was a relatively easy process," said Kenny Eisinger, Analytics Lead from Net Conversion. "After launching, we’ve seen conversion rates within the Gemini network increase 16%, average acquisition cost decrease 10% and average weekly revenue increase 30%."

When we introduced Yahoo Gemini in 2014, we envisioned a unified marketplace for search and native advertising to live and work together. We look forward to continuing to help your business benefit with the reach of native and the relevance of search.