A new era in video ads: Your audience is turning away from television

In what has become a $72 billion industry, spending on digital advertising surpassed ad spend on television for the first time ever this year. The explanation is simple: online video ads are growing massively, both in popularity for consumers and effectiveness for brands.

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In general people are watching more video than ever, engrossed in their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to consume content. Increasingly, consumer attention is being diverted away from TV screens and toward digital brand messaging in the form of videos.

Online video ads have proven to be more engaging than traditional TV buys, with viewers reporting heightened emotional response and a greater likelihood of taking action. In fact, Millennials and Generation X-ers alike show greater emotional engagement toward brand messages than non-branded content across digital devices. This means your ad may resonate even more than the actual video or article your audience clicked on.

Consumers are ditching traditional cable and opting for more customized channel packages, most of which can be streamed online. It’s crucial for advertisers to develop a strategy for effectively and efficiently reaching splintered audiences across multiple devices, and video advertising represents the right opportunity to ensure your campaigns are seen by the right people.

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