Money Map Press invests in subscription growth with Yahoo Gemini

Money Map Press provides consumers with analysis and actionable investing ideas through newsletters, trading services, and exclusive member benefits. The company has been running native advertising campaigns with Yahoo Gemini and the results have greatly exceeded its expectations.

Having worked closely with the team, I asked Charles Flagle, Advertising Minister at Money Map Press, a few questions about the company’s advertising strategy and how their investment in native ads turned out to be highly successful.

What were the primary goals you were looking to achieve? Whom were you aiming to reach?

Money Map Press has a dedicated team of experts who continue to churn out leading financial trends, investing tips and more. We chose to partner with Yahoo Gemini and leverage native ads to help expand our subscriber base and acquire new customers. The goal of the campaign was to reach potential subscribers in our target demographic with no history with Money Map Press and then to educate them about the benefits of signing up for a subscription.

How do you approach native advertising as part of the company’s overall marketing mix?

When it comes to native advertising, we see an incredible investment opportunity; therefore, this is also our biggest cost. Native advertising aligns with the viewing habits of our target consumer and we want our ads to be seamlessly integrated within the content experience. We invest millions of dollars every month into customer acquisition and 95% of that strategy is through native advertising.

What factors led you to partner with Yahoo for this native advertising campaign?

We know our target customers are consuming Yahoo’s content on a daily basis. As financial publishers ourselves, we use Yahoo Finance as one of our important resources. Once we became aware of the scalability of Yahoo Gemini, we realized the opportunity this solution would provide for Money Map Press. Without the guidance and expertise of the Yahoo team, and the relationship we have, we wouldn’t have had the confidence to invest so heavily with one partner.

How did Yahoo Gemini native ads help achieve your campaign goals / drive results?

The results we achieved through our Yahoo Gemini campaign not only exceeded our expectations, but exceeded the results of other top publisher partners. To put this into perspective, we sold 50,000 subscriptions through Yahoo Gemini in 2015, while only securing 20,000 with Facebook and 5,000 with Google AdWords.

What is your strategy as you look ahead?

We are continuing to use Yahoo Gemini as part of our campaign strategy and have been adapting to new opportunities with the platform to ensure our creative performs well. The results speak for themselves and we know we can rely on Yahoo Gemini to achieve success.

Are there any other new tactics you’re planning to try?

Given the success we’ve seen with this partnership, we already started incorporating native video ads into our marketing mix. We’re also constantly testing new technology on Yahoo and getting into all available betas that we can. We consider Yahoo an essential partner for the success of our ongoing advertising strategies.

For additional information on Yahoo Gemini and native advertising, visit our Yahoo Gemini site or contact your Yahoo Account Representative to get started today.