How U.S. Hispanics consume online video

This blog post also published in Spanish on the official Yahoo LatAm Tumblr.

Online video consumption is continuing to grow fast, especially among Hispanics in the U.S. In fact, compared to the general population, year over year Hispanics are spending more time watching digital video and less time watching traditional TV. To help advertisers learn more about this trend, we partnered with Ipsos on this quantitative online study to explore Hispanics’ online video consumption habits, and to see how these behaviors differs by acculturation level.

Some of the most compelling findings include:

  • Hispanics are watching more online videos than ever: While TV viewership fell by 7% from 2014 to 2015, time spent on mobile video has increased by 53%. Over 94% of Spanish dominant Hispanics now rely on mobile devices to watch online video!
  • Online video consumption among this population is extremely fragmented: On average, Hispanics visit nearly nine different sites, apps, and services for online video content. For Spanish dominant Hispanics, their video consumption is even more fragmented, shifting across more than 10 sources.
  • Spanish-dominant Hispanics are more open to advertising than English-dominant Hispanics: Over 50 percent of Spanish dominant Hispanics are more likely to be open to receiving traditional and native video advertising than English-dominant Hispanics. Overall, 64% of Hispanics said that they’re okay with receiving video ads if they are getting access to free content.

 U.S. Hispanic Online Video Consumption

Online video is winning among Hispanics because of the content and convenience of being able to watch video whenever, and wherever they are. Two-thirds of Hispanics agreed that it’s more convenient to watch videos online, rather than traditional TV. With mobile as a primary device, this population prefers to watch videos on their smartphones, rather than on television or even their computers.

There’s a huge opportunity for marketers to connect with Hispanic audiences using online video. Through Yahoo, advertisers can strategically place video ads across Yahoo’s platforms, including Yahoo News, Sports, Finance, and Lifestyle. Find out more about the study in the infographic below, or contact your account manager to learn more about how Yahoo can help you drive business results with video advertising.