How financial marketers are connecting with their customers

On Tuesday April 25th, we joined the Advertising Club of New York to host a breakfast panel in our ongoing series, The Verticals. This event focused on the finance industry and one central question: How are financial marketers creating more mobile, two-way, and ‘right-now’ experiences to connect with their customers?

Andy Serwer, Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Finance, kicked off the morning with an industry overview which led into a panel discussion with: Karna Crawford, SVP, Head of Market Strategy and Digital Consumer Bank, JPMorgan Chase; Elyssa Gray, VP Brand, Betterment; and Jennifer Lindauer, SVP, Director of Brand & Advertising, Citi.

Highlights included:

  • Mobile remains a priority as marketers focus on performance measurement and attribution. To win, brands need to create mobile experiences that add value for consumers.
  • With content development, it’s all about making content easy to access, humorous jargon-free, and entertaining. Video can help bring messaging to life and connect with customers around their personal experiences.
  • When it comes to brand safety, advertisers are demanding more accountability from publishers. Brands are ultimately accountable to their consumers so checks and balances need to be in place.
  • Finance marketers are no longer focused on just 30-second spots and big TV buys; rather, they are finding ways to improve personalization and engagement across multiple platforms.

This event drew more than 150 attendees from brands and agencies in the New York advertising community. Watch the full video to find out more.