Delivering effective ads for native video

During a panel at Advertising Week 2016 in New York, Jose Singer (Vice President, Product Management, Yahoo Gemini) discussed with Ron Amram (Senior Media Director, Heineken) and Jeff Giacchetti (Vice President, Digital Media, Mediavest | Spark) how delivering effective ads for native will require brands and agencies to evolve their creative thinking and production process.


Jose Singer: How do you come up with a creative for native video?

Do you take your long-form creative for TV and you kind of just shrink it to a 10-15 second format?

Or do you come up with something that is much more punchier and specific to native video?

I’d love to understand how that actually works.

Ron Amram: By hook or by crook you have to get to a format that is mobile-driven and contextually built. It makes a lot more sense to start at the beginning.

In fact, you should probably start with content that works on mobile platforms first. I think the next threshold of effectiveness for marketing is evolving creative production to fit this new world.

And it's not just optimizing for size, it's also sequencing. You're just producing a lot more and iterating a lot more.

And how do you do that at scale, with the budgets being the same, is a hard thing to do. So the new world of of creative agency and the new world of production I think is still in front of us.

Jeff Giacchetti: We've definitely seen that taking TV content and trying to fit into into a mobile unit, native or otherwise, typically doesn’t work. The audience is less patient, and less forgiving, especially in a native environment. It's almost like we have to invert our story.

So the way we would typically build a spot for TV—with a beginning and middle and a payoff at the end—we have to sort of flip that on its head and have that payoff come right at the beginning.

Otherwise, you know you don't stand a chance of having your message get through.

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