Creating video programming that reaches the right audiences

Think about the stories and issues you care about. Perhaps they involve the twists and turns of the financial markets or breaking news. Or maybe you love going behind the scenes with your favorite athletes or celebrities.

You’re not alone! Audiences show a strong desire to stay up-to-date and in-the-know with trending topics, and they’re turning to online video to get closer and more engaged—a unique kind of access.

As we focus on delivering this kind of programming for our viewers, we’re also creating new opportunities for marketers to reach their most important audiences. When rolling out a creative campaign at scale, video ads with trusted partners have a knack for engaging and delighting.

Here are a few examples of shows that help keep viewers—and your brand, in-the-know:

The Katie Couric InterviewThe biggest names and newsmakers of the moment are talking to Katie Couric on Yahoo News. From celebrities to politicians to real people thrust into the national spotlight, this signature series is an in-depth and revealing look at the people shaping the conversation, led by one of the most trusted interviewers in news media.

Last year featured conversations with Edward Snowden, Vice President Joe Biden, Betty White, DJ Khaled and many more across a spectrum of headliners.

Marketers, take note: More than 50 million people viewed this series in 2016. With accuracy and transparency so important in today’s climate, consumers and brands are turning to trusted news sources. By aligning with Katie Couric, a marketer can be assured a brand-safe environment and expansive reach.
The Vertical

On The Vertical, basketball reporters Chris Mannix, Shams Charania and Bobby Marks take fans on a unique spin around the association. From breaking news to player profiles to the can’t-miss Woj Report, The Vertical has the scoop and the style that basketball fans are looking for.

A wide-open three for advertisers: With the social reach of The Vertical, and the devoted fanbase that it taps into, this show is the obvious choice for brands to get in front of basketball enthusiasts. More surprisingly: Its audience is over 3x more likely to be parents of school aged children and 6x more likely to be in the market for insurance providers.

Yahoo - Obsessed

Meet the world’s most devoted fans and the sometimes-surprising things they’re into. We turn this show over to the extreme fanatics and meet the wildest fans of all things pop culture. Hear them tell their stories, share their collections and experience their obsessions with 360-degree, interactive video content.

Celebrities geek out on Obsessed, too. Nick Cannon shows off his passion for the 80s, while Brimstone star Guy Pearce shares about his massive six-string collection.

Brands can reach all ages: The audience for this series skews younger, but reaches viewers from 15-55. The show is also promoted broadly on Yahoo and across social sites.

Starting to see how your brand can fit in with these shows?

With Yahoo, you can easily align your brand with this content through sponsorship integrations or programmatically to fit your marketing objectives.

Reach out to your Account Representative for more details or contact us today, and stay tuned for more rundowns of Yahoo’s original video content.