Creating a better ad experience in Yahoo Mail

Marketers strive to deliver relevant messages, to a large audience, while keeping costs in check. Today, advertisers can reach these audiences with a new native ad experience on Yahoo Mail.

Now, the ad at the top of each user's inbox can open like an email, and be read, saved, clicked or forwarded, with reporting available on each type of interaction.

Thanks to valuable top placement in each user’s message list, mail ads are highly visible and drive action. Because all Yahoo Mail users are logged-in, advertisers can deliver their message to the audience that matters most—with targeting based on age, gender and interest, or custom audiences, such as the advertiser’s own list of email addresses.

Mail ads are served through Yahoo Gemini and have the same set of targeting options.

Users are task oriented when they open their Yahoo Mail inbox and are prepared to take action on messages that they see. For this reason email marketing continues to be a highly effective channel. Moreover, users prefer a native ad experience, and are nearly four times more likely to click on native ads, as compared to traditional display.

Results from pilot testing (Keep in mind that results may vary by advertiser):

  • Mail ads outperformed standard native ads. One finance advertiser saw a 40% higher conversion rate and 20% lower CPA than other native campaigns.
  • Mail ads beat industry benchmarks. In the retail vertical, the mail ads click-out rate exceeded the industry benchmark by 4X.
  • Digital marketing agency Merkel Periscopix compared mail ads results to another email ad provider’s performance, and found that the Yahoo solution had 10X the CTR to site and a 50% lower cost per conversion.

For advertisers currently using Yahoo Gemini, there are three ways to improve your native campaign results with this new feature:

  • Reach out to your sales representative for more information
  • Look for the “Optimize ad for Yahoo Mail” switch when you’re creating new ads in a Gemini campaign
  • Through one of our preferred partners via API or bulk upload

We’re striving to make the mail ads user experience exceptional, which benefits our advertisers as well. Improve the performance of your native campaigns by targeting your most interested audience in Yahoo Mail—a context that delivers maximum engagement.