Choosing the right app-marketing bidding strategy

Figuring out the best bidding strategy for your app campaign shouldn’t be confusing. As an app marketer, you always want to optimize your native campaigns so they drive as many installs as possible at your target price. The following recommendations should help you better understand how to use bidding in campaigns managed through Yahoo Gemini.

After producing brilliant creative for your campaign, you’re ready to run with it. Your next step is to figure out your bidding strategy. Think of bidding as entering a huge auction, except the target bid that you set is only part of the equation that determines who wins a particular placement.

Your campaign creative should determine the type of bidding best able to help you meet your marketing goals:

Start with a cost-per-install target price in mind. This is a necessary factor for the ad-serving algorithm to optimize your campaign budget:

  • Optimized cost-per-click (oCPC) bidding for static native ad campaigns: This bidding option engages Gemini’s ad-serving system to bid dynamically to drive app installs based on the target bid that you set and optimize against the viewers most likely to install your app.
  • Either oCPC or optimized cost-per-completed-view bidding (oCPCV) for native video ads: For interstitial video placements, pay either by click or completed view. With in-stream native video ads, oCPC ensures your campaign targets the users most likely to install your app at the most efficient price.

As you look to learn more about driving mobile app installs, additional resources can be found through our Yahoo Gemini help center.