Millennials Watch More Video---and Mainly on Mobile

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Infographic shows that smartphones and tablets, not TV, are the gateways to engaging Millennial video viewers.

image-infographic-millennial-video-230Millennials (ages 18-34) have a much more voracious appetite for video than Gen-Xers (35-49) or Boomers (50-69), according to this infographic, but they’re not watching it on TV. They’re turning to mobile devices, especially smartphones, to watch all kinds of video content, from movies to TV shows to Web videos.

What does that mean to marketers? They can leverage these insights into Millennials’ video-viewing habits to boost the impact of video ads targeting this most desirable demographic, including:

• Millennials are more distracted: 94% multitask across screens, vs. 87% of Gen-Xers and 80% of Boomers.
• Millennials relate more to mobile: They recall brands much better on smartphones and tablets than TVs and PCs.
• Millennials respect mobile advertisers: Only 3.1% consider brands that advertise on TV as “modern.” More than twice that number regard smartphone advertisers as with-it brands.

See the full infographic for more findings on how Millennials view videos. And for more insights into mobile marketing, see “The Daily Habits of Mobile Users” and “How to Reach Millions of Mobile Consumers with Yahoo Gemini.”


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