Reach Millions of Searchers You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Search is the foundation of our users’ digital lives, and with more than 80% of people relying on search to better inform their purchase decisions, it also plays a pivotal role in online advertising campaigns.  Savvy marketers rely on the Yahoo Bing Network to connect with a high value audience at scale and achieve their advertising goals.


Get in front of millions of unique users

With just one account, you can reach up to 168 million searchers in the U.S. on the Yahoo Bing Network, which is 29% of the search market ― across PCs, tablets, and mobile. Many of these searchers can’t be found on other engines:


In addition to Yahoo and Bing search sites, the Yahoo Bing Network powers the search functionality on hundreds of premium partner sites such as Facebook, Amazon and CNBC.  Our distribution partners like HP, Apple and Nokia get our advertisers in front of a growing audience of searchers across devices.

Volume and performance are on the rise

Ongoing platform enhancements and strategic account teams will efficiently connect you to the searchers in the U.S. on the Yahoo Bing Network who spend 23% more online than average Internet searchers.  In addition to increases in the share of paid clicks seen across key verticals like travel and retail, our partners are reporting impressive growth:

  • Marin Software reports 33% growth in both impressions and click volume for its clients’ search ads running on the Yahoo Bing Network last year
  • RKG’s clients saw a 35% increase in online sales and a 44% increase in search ad impressions across several key categories last year

We’re committed to growing our audience by integrating search throughout our top sites and apps, and by continually enhancing our search experience to make it faster, easier and more engaging for users.  At the same time, we’re focused on maximizing advertiser performance through ad formats that emphasize personalization and cross-screen performance:

  • Mobile Search Ads allow advertisers to easily target the growing mobile audience by device or operating system, and have seen 114% growth in clicks year over year.
  • Ad Extensions help boost click-through rates up to 35% by letting you add useful information such as Web links, phone numbers, and addresses to search ads.
  • Product Ads let you add product images and pricing information to attract and engage potential customers.

Expanded Reach

With 200x more search retargeting opportunities than the leading search provider, we can help you expand your marketing reach to other popular Yahoo pages using our extensive searcher data.  Our innovative formats include:

  • Personalized Search Retargeting combines the power of search and display advertising to deliver dynamic, customized messages with conversion rates that can be at least 100% higher than those of typical retargeted ads.
  • Stream Ads match the content and context of Web pages being viewed by consumers, and let you reach beyond the search engine results page to touch searchers on other popular Yahoo pages.

Search is the ultimate tried-and-true performance advertising format, and it plays a major role in the Yahoo unified advertising solution. Contact your Yahoo Account Representative to discover how our search solution can supercharge your advertising campaigns.