Yahoo Gemini Custom Audience targeting helps engage and expand your audience

To help advertisers seeking to drive performance, our team recently enhanced Custom Audience targeting capabilities in Yahoo Gemini for native ads. These features enable advertisers to target specific segments of their audiences in two new ways. You can now re-engage existing users based on actions they take inside your mobile apps and find new users who behave similarly to those who have taken action on your websites. Both of these capabilities build on the existing custom audience tool set, which included targeting based on website actions and mobile device IDs. We’re excited to be meeting more advertising needs than ever, and since we launched these updates, we’ve seen rapid and enthusiastic adoption across the board.

Re-engage your users

With our in-app custom audiences feature, advertisers can reach a distinct group of their own mobile app users across the web and other apps. The tool identifies users who have taken a specific action within an app (e.g., all users who made a purchase) and targets them outside of the app with a Yahoo Gemini native ad.

For example, an advertiser could build an audience around users most likely to make an in-app purchase — such as users who play a game frequently and have been stuck at a particular point for a long period of time — and encourage them to unlock new levels of the game.

Find new audiences

Our “lookalike modeling” feature leverages the data and technical sophistication of Yahoo’s ad technology to reach new users who have attributes or behaviors similar to users who have already taken action on your site. By targeting lookalike audiences who are more likely to perform or convert, this tool can expand a marketer’s reach by up to 10x and greatly accelerate the success of a campaign*. These valuable lookalike audiences are also driving up to 40% improvements in conversion rates* and up to 50% reduction in eCPA* compared to other targeting options like demographic or interests. We’re constantly refining our ability to better help you find the most valuable users for your business.

Meeting the challenges and coming out ahead

Our in-app custom audience tool is integrated with all of the major in-app event-tracking companies, including the functionality from Flurry available in the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite. That said, bringing all of the major mobile tracking partners together was probably one of the biggest challenges we faced in developing the in-app event feature. The audience prospecting feature presented a different complexity: As we built and tested the lookalike models, we needed to make sure that we located the right users for our advertisers.

In both cases, our team was more than up to the task and I’m proud of how fast we’re enhancing Yahoo Gemini. We were able to add two significant updates to our Custom Audience offering just shortly after its initial release, and we’re focused on keeping that momentum going by continuing to provide you with new and better ways to target and expand on the mobile audiences that matter most.

*Internal Yahoo Data, January - February 2016, Based on cumulative internal data for top ten campaigns using custom audience lookalike targeting