Win new business and drive online action with digital video

For marketers, a video ad is only as good as the consumer action it drives. Whether that action means getting your app installed, encouraging subscriptions, or driving online sales, the right strategy for delivering your brand messages can make all the difference.

Here are four best practices for advertisers looking to engage new and existing customers with video ads:

Make sure you’re reaching the right audience

Apply proprietary and third-party data to reach more valuable, qualified customers. When you know where your audience is, you can deliver customized messages across their devices. Imagine how pinpointing business travelers, new parents or even TV cord cutters, for example, could make your video campaign even more effective.

Validate your targeting strategy

You expect your ads to be delivered to the right audience and actually viewed, but that’s not always the case across the board. According to Extreme Reach (2017), the average viewability rate for digital ads worldwide is 69%. We work with partners to verify audiences and provide viewability measurements, and make it easy for you to do the same.

Keep your ad creative flexible

Testing your digital video creative is the best way to learn what messages resonate the most with engaged consumers. Native ads make this easy, as they can appear in many environments and are easy to change on the fly. Plus, slideshow ads make it easy to create native video ads even if you don’t have scalable video creative.

As our research has shown, combining the power of pre-roll and native video can help you get the greatest value from your content. One CPG brand found then when 19% of households saw both ad types, they contributed to a significant 25% of incremental brand sales.

Remember that the majority of native video views happen with audio off, so make sure the message resonates by using captions, overlay text, as well as a powerful headline and description.

Pick the right price

Keep your objectives top of mind and pick a platform that helps you hone in on optimal performance. Choosing the right pricing type can take the guesswork out of your campaigns and make it easier to deliver the clicks, views, or impressions you need.

Putting all these pieces together can drive serious action for advertisers. For example, an entertainment brand recently promoted their app with a native video campaign on Yahoo. Yahoo internal data based on a campaign that ran between Yahoo and a competing top video site, the ads viewed on Yahoo resulted in:

  • 21% higher brand awareness with millennials
  • 12% higher brand recall with millennials
  • 23% higher favorability with millennials

Yahoo can help advertisers pick the right audiences to engage and reach them with stand-out video creative. Reach out to your Yahoo representative or contact us to start driving action and reaching your video goals today.