What financial marketers should know about credit card intenders

We recently took a look at the credit card consumers’ path to conversion to help financial marketers increase their ROI. Selecting a credit card can be a complex decision process, so today we’re sharing additional insights about this important audience and how to engage them.

Who are credit card intenders?

This industry term refers to anyone who has expressed interest in their credit, engaged with related content, or searched for information about credit cards.

Based on our insights, these intenders are:

  • Most likely to fit be leading Millennials (25-34) and Gen Xers (35-44)
  • More likely to have a household income greater than $75K and own a home valued at $200K+

Planning for major life moments

The vast majority of credit card intenders (82%) already use credit cards. However, they’re often experiencing significant life events that may require greater spending, which necessitates different or additional credit cards. The key milestones among credit card intenders include:

  • 81% are buying a new home
  • 54% are shopping for a new car
  • 30% are getting married
  • 13% are applying to college

What content do they consume?

They’re twice as likely to engage with personal finance, fashion, travel, technology and sports content. While consuming this media across devices, they’re most likely to engage on a desktop (+46%) or tablet (+16%).

What does this mean for advertisers?

  • Use audience targeting to reach credit card intenders across screens via BrightRoll and Yahoo Gemini.
  • Align with programming around finance, news and sports content, such as original video content on Yahoo Finance or on Yahoo Sports.
  • Credit card intenders are looking to develop a better understanding of personal finance topics, so you may wish to partner with Yahoo Storytellers to create a content-marketing program that covers personal finance topics that are relevant for credit card intenders and helps align with your brand’s message.

For more information on this audience or how to reach them on Yahoo, reach out to your Yahoo account representative or contact us today.