What advertisers want publishers to know about video

Video is one of fastest growing ad markets. According to a recent article in Forbes, 87% of online marketers are currently using video content in their digital marketing strategies. So it’s important that you get it right to maximize revenue opportunities.

We’ve collected a list of video attributes that advertisers buy most often, according to internal data from our BrightRoll team. How can you adjust your offerings to make video more appealing to advertisers?

Make sure you take advantage of the following functionality to succeed in a programmatic or display environment:

  • Optimize large player inventory. Advertisers pay premium CPMs for players above 300x250.
  • Keep videos viewable. Our DSP team recommends videos be viewable at 70% or higher (as measured by the Media Rating Council standard). This is one of the most important metrics that advertisers buy on.
  • Performance drives bidding. Completion rates are a key performance indicator for advertisers. Aim for an 80% completion rate.
  • Provide the essentials at run time. No one wants to go on a programmatic blind date! Tell the advertisers the video player dimensions, device type, content category, and of course the domain.
  • Maintain inventory quality. Traffic fraud is always a concern for advertisers. Are you working with a third party vendor to monitor your site?

By following these best practices, you can make your inventory more valuable to advertisers.