Use CRM data to target customers with expanded Custom Audience capabilities

Advertisers are often looking for new ways to put data to work on their campaigns. Whether this is Yahoo data or their own, we’re constantly developing new ways to help.

Through Yahoo Gemini, we’ve created a suite of custom audience targeting solutions that enable marketers to take action on their own data for retargeting or prospecting purposes. Building on this suite, we have added new capabilities to expand the kind of data that advertisers can leverage, and improve effectiveness of search or native ad spend:

  • Target their customer base using CRM data
  • Discover new customers with lookalike modeling based on mobile advertising IDs
  • Quickly view and take action on custom audience insights

Email Targeting

Custom audiences from email addresses allow advertisers to use their encrypted CRM data to target, or exclude their existing users with their search or native campaigns. We support any email address domain, and are able to trigger an ad regardless of whether the user is logged in. To protect personal data, encryption is automatically applied by the platform or the advertiser.

Lookalike Modeling

Leveraging new signals from Flurry, app developers can now discover and target new potential customers with lookalike modeling from mobile advertising IDs such as IDFAs or Android Advertisng IDs. This new capability has unlocked efficiency and reach, and we have seen CPIs reduced by 20% (up to 50%!) across our test advertisers compared to run of network campaigns.

Yahoo’s massive data set, which includes signals from Tumblr and the Flurry network, as well as collaboration between teams, has enabled us to make these new features available at a global scale. Plus, thanks to our identity graph users can be effectively targeted across all devices.

New Insights

Creating new audiences is easy within the user interface, which now exposes historical trends on user counts for each custom audience, helping advertisers plan and optimize.

We’ve seen native campaigns using custom audiences delivering on average 115% higher conversion rate, at around 170% lower cost per conversion*- and similar results with search campaigns. To take advantage of this efficiency, dig into your Yahoo Gemini campaigns and try these new tools or contact your Yahoo account manager for more details!

*Based on Yahoo Internal data Q2 2016. Average lift for native only. Includes all CA types within campaigns with “visit my website” objective. Lift compared to same campaign types not using CA.