Track and optimize performance through Yahoo Gemini reporting enhancements

New campaign view, reporting center, and share of voice report now available in the Yahoo Gemini user interface

We’ve heard our advertisers loud and clear: you want fast and intuitive tools that make managing your Yahoo Gemini campaigns effortless. That’s why we’ve continued on focus on building a user interface with the features you need.

We’ve recently released three enhancements that help expose campaign performance insights in more actionable ways: a flattened campaign view, a refreshed report center, and a new share of voice report. Now, you can easily find new opportunities to get more out of your Yahoo Gemini campaign directly in the user interface.

Fast campaign view

Logging into the UI will give you a quick view of all of your ad groups, ads and keywords across your campaigns, and make it easier to manage your portfolios. Instead of drilling down campaign by campaign, you have broader visibility and a better understanding of how your ads and keywords are performing.

We’ve added tabs at the top of the page to enable toggling between a snapshot of campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords, including their individual performance. Do you need to search for a specific ad or keyword in the account? Or update bids and make edits to ad titles? Simply, filter based on your requirements and you’ll be able to take appropriate actions.

Refreshed report center

Looking for a more in-depth view of account performance? Gemini’s report center is the single stop for all reporting. From here you can create your customized reports, run them on demand or schedule them to be delivered via email. We’ve refreshed the report center to make pulling reports, and getting the data you need, more intuitive.

Necessary fields for key reports are now preselected, and others are grouped to make customizing your reports a snap. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, a search box is now available to quickly find the fields you need. Plus, you’ll get a preview of your report format to ensure you are requesting exactly the right data for your needs.

New Share of Voice report

Now available in the report center, the Share of Voice (SOV) report uncovers an advertiser’s share of impressions, clicks, and conversions (if Dot is enabled) for a given keyword compared to other brands bidding on that same keyword. This allows search advertisers to understand how competitive they are in the Yahoo Gemini marketplace.

For the impression share metric, for example, we look at the number of impressions that an advertiser’s campaign received for a keyword. We then compare it to all of the impressions available for that keyword across the marketplace to determine if an advertiser has a dominant share (i.e., 100%). This feature provides transparency into our competitive marketplace, enabling advertisers to see how they stack up against the competition and how they might improve their position.

Share of Voice metrics can also serve as an indication of ad quality and help inform an optimization strategy. At the ad group or campaign levels, if the impression share is high but the click or conversion share is low, then it may be time to optimize ad creative. If your ads are being viewed at a high frequency but are rarely leading to a click or an action by the consumer, perhaps a snappier headline or clearer call to action would help? Conversely, if the click and conversion share metrics are much higher than the impression share, increasing your bids may help get them in front of more searchers.

These enhancements are steps in our journey to make your jobs easier and help you succeed with Yahoo Gemini. We can’t wait to share additional enhancements as they are released in coming weeks.