Summertime cheats: an infographic for back-to-school marketers

School’s out for summer, but we’re busy planning marketing strategies with our partners around the $68 billion back-to-school shopping season. No longer just school supplies, this shopping season involves every vertical—from clothing/apparel to consumer technology to entertainment—and also encompasses back-to-college, an increasingly important part of savvy marketers’ communication strategies.

To help marketers achieve success, we created a Back-to-School cheat sheetsummarizing top trends from a new study we conducted in partnership with Ipsos Connect, “Back-to-School/Back-to-College shoppers, April 2016”.

We’ve included some highlights below, but you can also view the full including highlights from the study.

Summertime cheats

 summertime cheats

  • The average back-to-school and back-to-college shopper plans to spend 37% more in 2016 compared to 2015 (the average shopper spent $343 in 2015).
  • Back-to-school shopping doesn’t necessarily stop when school starts. Over 2/3 of shoppers plan to take advantage of back-to school promotions after school begins. Online is key for back-to-school shoppers with search as the top online research source.
  • Online articles are used by more than 50%—and online videos by 30%—of back-to-school shoppers while researching their next purchase.
  • Over 50% of back-to-school shoppers use a mobile device during the process and over 90% find the mobile internet helpful in making their shopping decisions.

Based on our study results, we also learned that the back-to-school shopping season starts early. 46% of our survey participants began researching more than two months prior to the start of the school year, and most of their purchases took place one to two months prior to the first day of class.

Research also shows that our users are more open to mobile and online offers and promotions from retailers and are more likely to rely on online sources for back-to-school researching and shopping than consumers who don’t use Yahoo.

The growing importance of digital and mobile have changed the traditional path to purchase. It’s so important for marketers to take an integrated approach across the channels and devices shoppers are turning to for back-to-school shopping this season—and to be where your consumers are along their journey. For additional tools, read our Cross Device ebook and learn about custom audience targeting for search advertising.

Happy shopping, summer, and share your winning back-to-school strategies with me at @clmcklveen and @YahooAds.