The power of Yahoo for Publishers

Yahoo has deep roots as a content publisher with a history of delivering great consumer experiences across all digital formats while balancing relevant advertising for marketers. The knowledge we’ve gained has created a unique opportunity, enabling us to extend our platform and key learnings to help third party publishers of all sizes do the same and maximize revenue. Yahoo for Publishers is a platform built by a publisher, for publishers.

Our focus on innovation in digital advertising crosses display, search, video, and recently, native advertising. We built our platform from the ground up to monetize Yahoo properties—including News, Finance, Lifestyle, and Sports. Today, 100% of Yahoo’s mobile inventory is natively integrated into this content to provide a more seamless user experience and higher ROI for our partners.

We understand what makes each publisher unique so you can focus on building great content for your audiences. We continue to build tools to give you more control and flexibility on video and native ad solutions and ensure they fit seamlessly into your user experience.

Access our publisher-focused product and engineering teams via Yahoo for Publishers meetings and events. Work one-on-one with our account team who will consult with your business to ensure we help you maximize ROI, at no additional charge. We’ll support you in driving higher monetization with advertising solutions to deliver the best demand for you from our high-scale Exchange and proprietary demand—the BrightRoll Exchange and Yahoo Gemini.

Our team is dedicated to developing services and tools that fit your needs today, and evolves with you as your business grows. Learn more by reaching out to our Yahoo for Publishers team at