Overcoming marketers’ measurement challenges

Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns can be problematic given changing consumer behavior. Too often, incomplete measurement across platforms and devices can make it difficult to tie online campaigns to offline sales, or to accurately measure user engagement beyond the click. As an industry we need to change the way we think about measurement in response to these challenges if we want to create the kinds of advertising experiences that reflect the way users spend time online.

At Yahoo we’re focused on a more scalable, open, and actionable approach. By understanding consumers from multiple touch-points, we can develop better integrated measurement across devices and channels:

  • Offline sales: Track whether your ads drive customers into stores and quantify purchases and spend levels in-store
  • Online behavior: Measure engagement with ads, clicks, and conversions, including app installs, search lift, and more
  • Calculate brand impact: Measure lift in brand awareness, favorability, and intent to purchase among consumers
  • Verify audience and supply: Validate your target audience’s demographics, viewability levels, and supply sources
  • Multi-touch attribution: Measure beyond the “last-click,” leveraging a multitude of success signals sourced from Yahoo data

Prefer to use your own measurement vendor? No problem. Yahoo has expanded our third-party measurement partnerships so you can easily work with your vendor of choice.