Overcoming challenges with mobile attribution

When mobile app marketers have access to actionable, integrated insights, they’re better able to understand performance and optimize their campaigns. But it can be challenging to obtain insights that span different channels—for example, on smart devices, in apps, on the web, or in email.

We’ve asked mobile attribution experts Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, and Tune — some of our newest members in the Yahoo Preferred Partner Program — to share their tips for advertisers eager to increase their visibility and control over attribution and analytics for their mobile app marketing campaigns.


Yahoo - Kochava


Jason Hicks, VP of Marketing & Client Services, Kochava:

It is really about ensuring that your data is clean, reliable, real-time and that your provider can send and distribute your data where you want it. Mobile ad fraud and prevention is another critical area you want to think about.

Ensure that you’re choosing a partner with tools to address this epidemic. Don’t forget class-leading visualization that enables intuitive and simple segmentation, allowing deep dives into the data that really matters to you.

Lastly, it never hurts to look to the leaders in the space, and consider following: who do those that are crushing it trust for their measurement needs?


Ben Roodman, Director of Partner Development, North America, AppsFlyer:

Data-driven mobile advertisers benefit greatly from a clear understanding of their apps’ specific user journey.

To that end, it is crucial that advertisers tie back their ROI goals to clearly measurable in-app events, and use these to optimize their campaigns as soon as they go live.


Jonah-Kai Hancock, Director of Marketing, TUNE:

Knowing which ad partners deliver quality customers and strong long-term value in the form of revenue is one of the most important components to evaluate when acquiring mobile users. Platforms that enable you to measure this performance is crucial.


Christian Henschel, CEO and Co-Founder, Adjust

Build it into your workflow to audit two things across all of your collection.

The first has been spoken about a lot: what is the attribution window used across all of your platforms, and is that consistent?

The second is simple but often overlooked. What timezone does each platform operate on? The timezone impacts every piece of logic in attribution and analytics.

Together, these two are the root causes of discrepancies and a feeling of “lack of control,” and when you know what they are and how to customize them, you've won half the battle.

For more on how data and measurement can help your app marketing campaigns, please watch our webinar with Adjust and learn more about app marketing with Yahoo Gemini.