Only one set of creative assets creates stronger performance

When it comes to native advertising, we’re constantly enhancing our offerings through Yahoo Gemini to help you engage with your audience. That’s why it’s important to provide the right creative assets to power the strongest return possible for your campaigns.

How do you do that? Simple, just provide one set of eight assets to take advantage of all of these effective Yahoo Gemini search and native advertising formats.

What images do you need to provide? They include:

  • 3 different large rectangle images - 1200 x 627 pixel JPG or PNGs
  • 3 different square images - 627 x 627 pixel JPG or PNG
  • 1 optimized thumbnail image - 180 x 180 pixel JPG or PNG
  • 1 mail ad image asset - min. 500 x 500 pixel JPG or PNG, or HTML

That’s it. These images will power all of these different Yahoo Gemini ad formats:

  • Native Ad (Image): The most popular Yahoo Gemini ad with access to more than 60 billion monthly impressions across Yahoo owned and operated sites and our publisher partners.
  • Search Ad with Image: Don’t settle for text only search ads, increase engagement with an image. Adding an image drives 16% increase in CTR compared to ads without images.
  • Native Carousel Ad: An interactive ad format where users can swipe through 3 or more images and messages for your product. Carousel ads can drive 2X - 3X higher CTR thansingle image ads.

  • Native Slide Show Ad: Quickly convert static images to a video, using 3 or more static images. Customized captions and URLs are available for each image in the slide show ad.
  • Yahoo Mail Ad: Make sure to have a thumbnail image optimized for smaller formats like on Yahoo Mail ads. Running a mail optimized campaign has shown to increase CTR by as much as 100%.

To enhance your campaign’s performance even further, and to drive greater optimization, you should consider providing at least 5 Rectangle images, 5 Square images, 1 Thumbnail image and 1 Mail Ad image asset.

Also don’t forget about the power of video ads. Yahoo Gemini native video ads can drive more than 12% lift in CTR compared to image ads. It’s definitely a format you should at least be testing. This guide features additional specs and information.

If you haven’t already, make sure to quickly provide your Yahoo representative with all of the images listed above or upload them yourself. And if you can provide even more images and video to be able to test and optimize further, do so. Your marketing goals will benefit from it.