NexTag ad campaign on Yahoo Gemini helps shoppers find great deals

Ahead of the 2016 holiday shopping season, comparison-shopping site NexTag explored new ways to maximize its digital ad efforts to reach its audience of online shoppers.

Turning to Yahoo for innovative ways to build on the success of earlier search advertising campaigns, NexTag leveraged Yahoo Gemini to deliver search ads on native ad supply.

“The results were impressive,” says Rajneesh Gupta, Vice President of Marketing, NexTag. “We saw significant lift in every benchmark compared to standard search and native advertising campaigns.”

The NexTag campaign led to:

  • a 106% lift in return on ad spend compared to standard native ad campaigns
  • an impressive 450% higher lift in sales compared to standard native ad campaigns

“By extending their search ads to native ad supply with Yahoo Gemini, NexTag successfully connected with a bigger audience of online shoppers in the lead up to the holiday season,” said Courtney McKlveen, Vice President and Industry Lead, Retail, Travel and QSR at Yahoo.

“Many retail brands that have doubled down on search advertising are now capitalizing on native advertising opportunities, and we will see even more of this trend in the year ahead.”

Read the full case study to learn how NexTag achieved big ticket results during peak retail shopping season.