New Yahoo Sports app on iOS and Android

This blog post also published on the official Yahoo Tumblr.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our first complete rebuild for the Yahoo Sports app on iOS and Android devices. At Yahoo Sports, we’re true sports fans. This app gives fans the best news, scores, and stats for the teams and leagues they care about. The new design follows other recent Yahoo releases of the Homepage and News to bring a consistent emphasis on content, communities and utility.

Yahoo Sports

Our new Yahoo Sports app centers around a new home screen. Called Favorites, this tab allows users to specify the teams they love, and brings them a personalized news stream from our own award-winning writers and sports news outlets across the web. It also gives the latest scores and videos for those teams. Declaring teams sets a powerful (and customizable) set of notifications for the user, making sure they never miss important news, games or plays. The new Alerts tab collects all of the recent notifications so users will never lose them among all of the other messages they receive on their devices.

Yahoo Sports

Following game scores is central to every sports fan’s experience so we’ve made a new Scores section to better highlight the 50+ worldwide leagues we cover. We also show which leagues currently have live games. And, of course, favorite teams are always listed first.

Video is a big deal for us in the new Yahoo Sports app. Clicking on a team’s icon from the Favorites page will take users to a dedicated team page topped by the latest highlights and clips. The personalized and team-centric news streams also sparkle with video action. And don’t forget all of our great live content like our MLB Game of Day.

These changes are just the beginning, paving the way for even more updates throughout the coming year. So stay tuned for more!