New Yahoo Gemini tool helps search advertisers manage campaigns between platforms

A discussion with Kelly Coupe about how creating and optimizing search campaigns in Yahoo Gemini just got easier

First, can you please share a bit about what you work on?

Sure! I’m responsible for Yahoo Gemini’s large-scale data import and edit capabilities. They intersect with various data initiatives for both search and native such as bulk upload, targeting, vertical-specific data feeds, custom audiences and product ads. I also launched native video for Yahoo Gemini.

Can you tell us about this new AdWords Import tool and what it does exactly?

The new AdWords Import tool provides advertisers with the ability to import their Google AdWords account(s) directly into Yahoo Gemini, which can save time in creating and editing campaigns. This is one of the many updates we’ve made to the user interface and our search offering in the past few months.

AdWords import tool

Many advertisers already have campaigns set up in Google AdWords. They know the performance of their campaigns and have a good idea of what to expect. When they decide to advertise on Yahoo Gemini, they already have a sense of the benchmarks they need to reach, as well as bids and bid adjustments. Advertisers can elect to download their account file from AdWords Editor and upload it directly into our import tool. This file import feature supports a full or partial account, and saves time you’d otherwise spend reproducing campaigns manually.

Why are you excited about the new feature?

The AdWords Import tool can be a huge time saver. Recreating an account can take a lot of manual effort! It’s certainly my priority to make a product that’s intuitive to use and saves time, while also helping the advertiser reach their goals. While AdWords Import is early in its life and contains standard campaign import features, we’re looking forward to gathering data on how advertisers use it so we can make it even better.

What should advertisers do if they’re interested in trying out this new tool?

If an advertiser has an AdWords account they’d like to move over to Yahoo Gemini, I’d encourage them to check out our AdWords Import tool! Once the campaign is uploaded into Yahoo Gemini, changes can be made to fine-tune campaigns according to the advertisers’ goals.