Native is one step closer to the holy grail

This post was originally published on the BrightRoll Blog.


When was the last time you went to see a movie at a theater? You buy your bag of popcorn, your large cup of soda, find your seats, and settle in. The lights dim and the movie experience begins. But what you first see isn’t the actual movie. Instead, you are shown a string of movie trailers. You laugh at some, roll your eyes at others, and think to yourself “I have to see that when it comes out” at the best ones. It all seems like part of the movie watching experience, but how many of you realized you’ve just been shown an ad? These movie trailers are meant to create awareness for these movies and generate demand for seeing them when they come out.

These are exactly the same goals any ad campaign wants to achieve. The difference is that the audience doesn’t even think that the movie trailers are advertisements and willingly watch and engage with them. For the advertisers, it’s truly the “Holy Grail” of advertising.

What makes the the movie trailer experience so effective is that it resembles exactly what the audience wants to see. The audience is seated in a dimmed room, with the best sound system, and presented with an ad that looks just like movie they want to see. It resembles their movie experience so much that the audience doesn’t even realize they are being shown a string of ads.

So how do we bring this experience outside the movie theater? The answer is through native ads. Just like with movie trailers, native ads try to bring the user experience back to the content experience the user originally wanted. By seamlessly interacting with the audience, the ad no longer seems like an ad. The audience is engaged and the ad is effective. And just like the friends we have who don’t want to see the movie trailers and just show up a bit later to the movie, native ad allow people to only spend time with the ads they really care about. In short, it’s reaching the people who really are interested in the ad. For both publishers and advertisers, this means that they should look to optimize their native ad strategy… it brings them closer to that “Holy Grail.”