Native bid alerts make your campaigns more competitive

One of the biggest challenges marketers face in today’s programmatic world is knowing how much to bid and when—and finding out too late that their bids are not competitive enough. Yahoo Gemini has launched a new way to solve this problem with native bid alerts.

Native bid alerts are instant communications that alert advertisers as soon as their bid is no longer competitive. This feature enables account managers to respond quickly and optimize campaigns quickly for their advertisers. Currently, the alerts are only available for campaigns within the U.S.

Yahoo Gemini: Native bid alerts

Alerts include links that will take you directly to the campaign or ad group where you can immediately take action to adjust your bid and remain competitive.

Yahoo Gemini: UI example, native bid alerts

When you click on the link in the alert, you will be able to view the complete bid alert in Gemini. There you will see information on the current bid and what the optimal bid is, along with your current clicks, impressions, CTR, and spend.