A native advertising snapshot

Infographic digs into the data for Yahoo Gemini native advertising in third-party mobile apps in 2015

Since the launch of Yahoo Gemini in 2013, native advertising has grown exponentially. In December of 2015, Gemini native ad requests on third party mobile applications numbered over 200 billion, accounting for more than 50% of Yahoo’s Gemini display impressions.

Looking at the data, there’s much more to be learned about the state of native. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about:

  • Request availability for Yahoo Gemini native ads around the world
  • eCPM rates and advertiser conversion rates on native ads
  • Demographic and publisher vertical distribution for native placements
  • Publisher verticals converting best by advertiser type

For more insights about native advertising through Yahoo Gemini and the BrightRoll Exchange in 2015, view the complete infographic below. Reach out to gemini-publishers@yahoo-inc.com with any additional questions about Yahoo Gemini or purchasing native placements on the BrightRoll Exchange.

To view the high-resolution PDF of the infographic below, click here.

A native advertising snapshot