Native advertising insights to help publishers monetize

If a website is too slow to load, are you quick to abandon and move on to the next piece of content? What if a website has blatantly annoying ads, do you choose not to return to that site again? Our new infographic answers these questions and shows how users are engaged with advertising today.

Publishers that offer free, ad-supported content are often challenged to find the right balance between advertising and providing a seamless user experience. What helps that balance today? Native advertising.

Native advertising is advertising that matches the look, feel and visual context of the site where it is seen and is served via advertising technology. Yahoo’s native advertising offering differs from sponsored and branded content that’s typically curated with an editorial voice.

The adoption of native advertising has been on the rise for both advertisers and publishers, with results generating up to 3X more attention than display ads.

You’re likely seeing insights like this everywhere, but how do they apply to the publisher side of the business? Insights like ours can help publishers learn how and when to monetize and how to acquire and retain more users.

Yahoo for Publishers monetized more than 74.5 billion native ad impressions across 3,400 publisher properties in the second half of 2016. This volume reveals important lessons that help publishers integrate a seamless advertising experience while complementing optimization efforts across user acquisition and retention.

Our new infographic provides key native advertising insights that help publishers learn more about how to maximize every opportunity across every screen and all over the world.