The migration to mobile video

Consumers are watching more digital video across all screens — but the biggest growth is happening on smartphones and tablets. To help advertisers understand and leverage this growing trend, our new study The Migration to Mobile Video covers three key areas: the mobile video landscape, mobile advertising preferences, and the effectiveness of cross-device ads.

Yahoo: the migration to mobile video

Here are some highlights from our study — for a deeper dive, read the full report:

  • Video consumption on mobile is growing. Over half of video viewers use smartphones more often to watch video than they did last year. While smaller screens and battery life are the biggest barriers to mobile data, 37% of younger consumers find the high price of data plans prohibitive.
  • Ads should be tailored across devices. The majority of video ad impressions are already being served across devices, but they should be tailored to each device. Leveraging responsive formats such as Yahoo Native Video ads can help advertisers create the best user experience.
  • Advertisers need to think cross-screen. Compared to multiple exposures on a single device, exposures across multiple devices led to higher brand awareness, aided awareness, and favorability.

Want more insights? Read The Migration to Mobile Video research study.