Measuring the emotional response of live video

At the 2016 Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida, Yahoo presented research into the opportunities for advertisers through live video. Most recently in this series we looked at how multitasking can be a bonus for live online video.

One essential element that drives users to live online video is the excitement and emotional connection they feel—much higher when compared to on-demand video or traditional TV.

This phase of our research monitored the faces of users as they viewed content and noted when they expressed sadness, anger, fear, contempt, disgust, joy, or surprise.

Yahoo: Live online video viewers expressed an emotional response an average of 25% of the time, as opposed to only 17% of those viewing on-demand video.

When drilling down into positive emotional responses (i.e., joy, surprise), those watching live online video had an average rate of engagement of 18% compared to 12% of those viewing on-demand video.

Yahoo: More than two-thirds of the emotional responses to live online video were positive.

To learn more, please download our custom research into the opportunities with live video or read our article published by ANA.