Measure in-app actions with greater accuracy

Accurate in-app measuring and tracking solutions are crucial to the success of any app install campaign. Make sure to take advantage of the following tips to ensure that your Gemini native app install campaigns provide the most insights and cost-effective ROI possible.

Use in-app actions to set your CPI target

In-app measurement can differ for each advertiser since apps have different business models and different target audiences. In general the in-app event you measure should reflect how much revenue your app can generate from the users who install your app.

For example, a game app could measure the post-install engagement based on which level users have achieved and how many game coins they have purchased. An e-commerce client could measure a different goal, such as the number of purchases or overall spend amounts.

Apply insights you learn from your user’s post-install performance and ROI to set and optimize your campaign’s CPI target. We hear from many advertisers who set their cost per install (CPI) based on industry averages, but this isn’t a good practice as targets can differ from one advertiser to another even if under the same vertical.

Different apps have different business models

Different apps have different business models to drive post-install revenue. The right CPI target can help you maximize your campaign delivery with the optimal post-install ROI.

When measuring performance, factor in how long it takes on average for your users to complete the in-app event you are tracking after they install your app. For example, it may take a user one week to achieve level 5 but three weeks to achieve level 10 in a game.

Take time gaps like these into account when calculating in-app event performance, otherwise your tracking of these events will provide misleading performance insights.

Setting up in-app tracking is easy

Our team is working to make setting up in-app event tracking as easy as possible with Yahoo Gemini.

Flurry Analytics, Yahoo’s own mobile app analytics tool available in the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, allows developers and advertisers to track install events. We also have partnered with premier mobile attribution partners Adjust, AppsFlyer, F.O.X (CyberZ Inc.), Kochava, and TUNE to provide advertisers several other measurement and tracking solutions. These partnerships help ease setup and eliminate errors via server-to-server data exchanges.

By setting up accurate in-app event tracking, you will be able to set the right CPI target and maximize your overall campaign delivery. That way you will be able to get the most insights out of Yahoo Gemini’s highly-engaged mobile users.

As you look to learn more about driving mobile app installs, additional resources can be found through our help center. If you're interested in starting an app install campaign, please contact us.