Manage your app-install campaigns more effectively

When you’re marketing an app, you shouldn’t have to spend endless hours managing your campaigns. That’s why we’re working to make it easier and intuitive with Yahoo Gemini. We often hear from advertisers seeking to save time and energy while managing their app-install campaigns, so we wanted to share a few tips to help.

Measuring your CPI (Cost-Per-Install) marketing

When you measure the performance of your campaign, we recommend looking at your average CPI for a one-week period.

A conversion is only triggered when a new user opens your app, so measuring performance by a daily average CPI often doesn’t account for the delay between users clicking on your app-install ad and eventually installing and opening your app. In fact, we’ve seen that 10% or more of users open an app for the first time more than 24 hours after clicking on an app-install ad.

Changes to your campaign (e.g., turning on and off a campaign, changing the campaign budget, etc.) also affect the daily averaged CPI reporting. These kinds of changes can result in a slight delay with reporting installs and other actions, so your campaign’s performance won’t immediately update while the changes take effect. For more accurate tracking, make sure to track campaign performance during periods in which no major changes are made.

As a result, looking at an average CPI across seven days will deliver even more accuracy as you measure against your performance KPIs.

Better optimization

Customize columns and sort and filter your campaigns so it’s even easier to take action. Within the Yahoo Gemini dashboard, view and personalize the performance that matters most to you:

  • Customize the columns displayed for a snapshot of your post-click installs and in-app conversions. Save this setup in your account.
  • View an extended date range to monitor your performance data over a different period of time.
  • Select and edit multiple campaigns in bulk using the check boxes and the “Action” dropdown menu.

Sometimes we see marketers apply too many targeting options in their Yahoo Gemini campaigns, which could end up limiting their reach. Since app-install campaigns optimize for CPI, we recommend that advertisers limit their targeting options if they are not seeing enough reach in the campaigns. The Gemini ad-serving algorithm automatically pursues the best conversion performance and maximum reach.

As you look to learn more about driving mobile app installs, additional resources can be found through our help center or if you are interested in learning more contact us here.