Making your next campaigns more relevant for moms

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there’s a special focus on moms, but brands are looking for strategies that reach this audience year round. We spent some time looking at what matters most for moms, and identified these three best practices to help marketers create advertising experiences that are relevant for moms and add value for them.

Engage moms when it matters the most

Today, marketing to mothers means identifying meaningful moments in their lives when they are most interested in updates from brands, whether they’re preparing for a new baby, a birthday, holidays, or a much-needed date night.

For example, many moms that are approaching their first Mother’s Day this weekend are searching for information on first words or baby proofing; reading content about baby development or sleep training; or receiving email updates about baby food.

Marketers can use these signals to reach real moms around the topics that matter most to them, rather than just using modeled segments.

Develop personalized content or creative that resonates with her values

Brands can develop messages that tap into what makes moms tick. For example, to resonate with new moms with infants:

  • Encourage her to treat herself more, even if her typical purchase behavior tends to be family oriented like big box or kids’ stores.
  • Provide solutions for financial or time issues, which are the top concerns for moms according to our recent study.
  • Retarget those in the market for a new job with a tailored message or product. Compared to other Yahoo users, moms are 11% more likely to perform searches related to careers and employment.

  • Highlight family-friendly vacation ideas, like vacation homes or innovative airline carriers. Again, compared to other Yahoo users, moms are more likely to choose travel options like HomeAway (+23%) and JetBlue (+21%).
  • Help her make the most of moments she captures on her phone, since moms are 80% more likely to use photography apps.

Reach real moms at scale

Partner with publishers that can reach moms at scale within the content or products they rely on. Yahoo is a top destination for women throughout their lives, and reaches 71% of moms 25-49 in the US. This helps us better understand and connect with women along their life’s journey.

Delivering more personalized messages to moms will help distinguish your brand not just as one she knows, but as a brand she loves. Brand can turn data into knowledge. Whether you are interested in moms or another audience that is most valuable to your business, we can help you understand and reach audiences that matter.

Source: Based on Yahoo Internal data, March 2017