Making it easier to run your search ad campaigns

As we’ve listened to our advertisers’ needs, we’ve heard that you’re looking to achieve even better results with your search campaigns on Yahoo Gemini while spending less time and effort managing multiple platforms. Last month, we released search retargeting as an opportunity to scale your search campaigns across our U.S. native supply, with more ways to reach potential customers. Today, we’re rolling out new features that make Yahoo Gemini even easier to use.

Introducing account sync

Account sync is a powerful tool to help search advertisers manage large-scale search campaigns across multiple search engines. The ability to sync accounts can make it simple for you to import your entire eligible portfolio of campaigns from other platforms into Yahoo Gemini, with just a few clicks.

Save time and run on more platforms

“Yahoo Gemini’s account sync feature helps me get more done with less work,” said Benjamin Nau, Director of Ecommerce at Killerspin.

“Instead of managing the same campaign across multiple ad platforms, I’m able to focus all campaign management on a single platform—and quickly and easily sync changes to Gemini with just a few clicks. Everything is synced, including ad groups, copy, keywords, and max bids. I can even automatically have my Gemini budgets adjusted during sync. It couldn’t be easier.”

Quick and easy to set up

“It was a breeze to copy my AdWords campaigns into Gemini using the account sync,” said Mike Pollak, owner of Inspiring Marketers.

“I would definitely recommend Gemini now with this new feature and the changes they've made. It's a real contender in search PPC and now much easier to manage campaigns.”

Other improvements

We’ve also improved Yahoo Gemini to make it easier for you to add more description on mobile, share relevant details, and take control of your campaigns.

  • Be more descriptive: Expanded text ads are a new mobile-first ad format that enable search advertisers to craft longer ad titles on Yahoo Gemini. Now with two lines of 30-character titles, there’s even more space to engage searchers with product and service messages.
  • Share more detail: Enhanced sitelinks ensure ads in the top position have additional descriptions that consumers may find relevant and helpful. Some campaigns saw improvements in click-through rates up to 29% when enhanced sitelinks were shown.
  • Take control: Updated bid adjustments mean that desktop, tablet, and smartphone targeting will have the same range -- from -90% to +900%. If you don’t plan to run on a particular device, adjust your bid by -100%.