Making good cents: Purchase Receipt now available in Audience Builder

Audience Builder in the BrightRoll DSP provides exclusive access to Yahoo’s rich taxonomy of insights, covering Yahoo’s audience of more than one billion users. This suite of tools serves as a one-stop shop for advertisers to create self-serve custom audience profiles based on aggregated search keywords, mail domains, and more.

Over the past few months, our BrightRoll product and engineering teams have been hard at work enhancing the feature set within Audience Builder. Now, we’re ready to showcase our newest release: Purchase Receipt audiences.

Access to Insights: 225 million monthly active users of Yahoo MailBrightRoll is the only DSP with access to insights from 225 million monthly active users on Yahoo Mail. Our product team has the unique opportunity to build features that let advertisers harness that insight to build custom, self-serve audiences. As always, Yahoo takes the privacy of our users seriously. Audience Builder provides these features while maintaining our commitment to user privacy.

Audience Builder has always enabled users to segment audiences by mail domain, but Purchase Receipt is the first tool available on any DSP that lets you define audience parameters by anonymized purchase confirmation emails.

That means when an individual receives an email thanking them for buying a product, completing an airline reservation, or booking a hotel, that data is anonymized and fed right into the fully-customizable Purchase Receipt tool.

Yahoo Mail users: $65 billion purchases annuallyYahoo Mail users log $65 billion in purchases annually. Platform buyers can now build their very own custom Yahoo Mail audiences, based on their exact needs, in a completely self-serve manner. No more guessing what your audience may have purchased, or having to rely solely on internet activity to build a profile: Purchase Receipt allows for segmentation based on verified data.

Like the rest of the BrightRoll DSP interface, Audience Builder was designed for simplicity and customization. Users can easily refine Purchase Receipt audiences to include only receipts from certain industries or brands.

For example, you could create an audience segmented by airline travel, and further refine it to only users that received a confirmation email from United Airlines, but not from Southwest Airlines, during the summer of 2016. Remember, these emails are sent post-purchase, so these audiences are more than simply segmented user list subscriptions.

Audience Builder, and now Purchase Receipt, underscore the core offering of the BrightRoll DSP: access to proprietary and unique insights, with self-serve solutions and features to deliver against complex problems. Only the BrightRoll DSP offers a feature like Purchase Receipt, meaning you gain an immediate edge on your competition when you create an audience this way.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this post referenced a total dollar value of purchases captured at $17B. On December 20, 2016 we edited this post to reflect an up-to-date value of $65B.