Introducing Radar, your virtual travel guide

This blog post also published on the official Yahoo Tumblr.

School’s out, warm weather is here and summer has begun! Just in time for your upcoming adventures, we’re bringing you Radar, your virtual travel guide.


Whether you’re planning a trip or want to try something different in your hometown, this iPhone app brings you the best results, gleaned from across the web, and combines Yahoo’s expertise in search, communications and content to help you explore the next U.S. city of choice. Just sign in with your Yahoo Mail email address and Radar will use the upcoming flight, hotel and rental car confirmation receipts in your inbox to help you get organized for your trip. Radar also provides snackable recommendations, from must-see sights to the best restaurants in town.

Other key features include:

  • Create your own bucket list, so you don’t miss a famous sight or buzzed about activity again.
  • Get need-to-know tips from travelers who have already been there.
  • Discover the best restaurants, and check out what dishes other diners found worth raving about.
  • Filter recommendations based on your individual preferences and month of travel.
  • Receive check-in reminders, as well as notifications of flight delays, gate changes and flight cancellations.
  • And thanks to Yahoo Mail’s support of multiple mailboxes, you can connect email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, AOL and Hotmail to your Yahoo Mail inbox and we’ll surface that information in Radar as well.

Our goal is to learn and improve the experience quickly so if you’re in the U.S., we hope you will download Radar on your iPhone now from the App Store and tell us what you think! Use the “Send feedback” button from your profile in the app.