Identifying the live opportunity

At the 2016 Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida, Yahoo presented research into the opportunities for advertisers through live video. Most recently in this series we looked at the increasing thirst for live video on all devices.

Given the human desire to actively view live events and the shifting preferences for consuming video on digital devices, does this intersection of trends create a significant opportunity for advertisers to reach users in a meaningful way with demonstrable results?

To answer this question, we took a unique approach and worked with Deep Focus to test three live events using facial coding and a pre/post-online ad effectiveness test. Our goal was to determine the differences in advertising impact and content interactions between live events and non-live on-demand experiences from a biometric standpoint.

We also partnered with research firm Ipsos to survey more than 2,000 online users between the ages of 13 and 64 across the United States.

We explored the “why” of live video consumption, specifically looking for that emotional connection discussed above. Not surprisingly, respondents said they want to watch live events on both TV and digital devices because it makes them feel more “up-to-date,” “informed,” "involved," and “connected with the world.”

But the key takeaway was that on each of these attributes, live online viewing scored higher than television, suggesting a stronger emotional tie with live online streaming. For example, consuming live events online garnered +10% higher positive response when it came to feeling “up to date.”

So what is driving consumers to watch on digital devices? Approximately 50% of those surveyed said they prefer online viewing of live events because it enables mobility, the ability to multi-task, and generally is more exciting than TV.

To learn more, please download our custom research into the opportunities with live video or read our article published by ANA.