How sports and advertising go hand-in-hand

During a Yahoo panel at Advertising Week 2016 in New York, Liz Loza of Yahoo Sports and Kenny Gersh of MLB Advanced Media discuss how sports and advertising go hand-in-hand.


Kenny Gersh: What’s interesting for us for live sports, and different from other types of content, is that users expect commercials.

There are natural commercial breaks within the broadcast. And so we do dynamically inserted ads. We black out the ads that are on TV, cover them with a slate and then insert digital ads.

And on certain platforms where that hadn't happened as quickly as others, we found users actually complaining and saying, “we want to see commercials during that time,” as opposed to just the slate, because they're not missing the action.

Liz Loza: The ads aren't typical “commercials” the way that we're expecting.

There are promotions—I do Fantasy Football Live, I was doing it 24 hours ago in fact—so we can have segments that different ad companies or brands produce, but for information you're looking for.

So, who is X-Brand sleeper of the week? Each analyst can deliver that information and have messaging attached to that.

And we're already engaged because we want to know who that sleeper of the week is so we can win our matchup that particular week.