How multitasking can be a bonus for live online video

At the 2016 Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida, Yahoo presented research into the opportunities for advertisers through live video. Most recently in this series we looked at how consumers are adapting their viewing behaviors.

One key benefit for users who watch live online video is the ability to interact with the content in a secondary way: while it is being consumed.

Consumers reported that they are more likely to use search, send emails and texts, and monitor and post on social media about the content itself while viewing live online video, in significantly higher numbers than when they are watching on-demand online video or live television.

For example, how did respondents in our recent study report using search to learn more about the content of their programming?

  • 60% while watching live online video
  • 53% while viewing on-demand video
  • 48% while watching traditional television

These increases were repeated when users responded to similar questions about their use of social media and email or texting to talk about the content while watching live online events.

Simply stated, live online viewing drives conversation and action

People are more likely to want to discuss what they are watching live, whether it’s to celebrate with their fellow sports fans, share a financial tip they just heard, or comment on the news of the day.

However, this multitasking tends to focus on the event itself, as live streamers are 50% more likely to be focused on the content when compared to time-shifted video viewers.

To learn more, please download our custom research into the opportunities with live video or read our article published by ANA.