How to choose native ad landing pages that convert

Remember the tagline, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, luckily, this challenge doesn’t apply to native advertising. As an advertiser you might think your ad is your first and only impression, but consumer ultimately decide if your product or service is worth their time on your site. Once you’ve created your ad creative, be sure you don’t lose out with a bad landing page.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you ensure your landing pages meet user expectations and drive new customers to your business:

Make sure your landing page matches your ad.

Common reasons for low engagement and conversion issues are that the ad’s landing page is too broad, or doesn’t reflect the content promoted on the ad. For example, if your native ads speak to a shoe collection but lead to the home page for a general store, you’re likely to lose that potential shoe shopper. We recommend that your landing page content matches the ad:

  • Use the most specific landing page possible.
  • Include the product name or category in the page title.
  • Clearly reiterate the offer or deal from the ad on the landing page.

Create a user friendly experience.

Even more so than with your ads, your landing page needs to add value for your users as well as provide a clear path to the information they expect to find. Components of a great landing page include:

  • Easy path to the product or service information, without requiring registration.
  • Responsive design, or mobile-specific pages, to engage users on any device.
  • A call to action that guides prospective customers.
  • Signs of credibility like reviews, testimonials, and contact info.
  • Minimal number of ads, especially no pop-ups.

To recap, here are some landing page practices to avoid, or embrace:

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Focusing on these two strategies will help guarantee high-quality landing pages that meets, or even exceeds, your performance objectives. What are you waiting for?