How to bring the performance of Search ads across Yahoo properties

What if you could extend the reach of your search advertising campaigns on average by 20% while maintaining your ROI?

Yahoo users move across Yahoo properties. So should your ads.

We recently made it easier for search advertisers in the U.S. to extend the reach of campaigns on Yahoo Gemini by showing ads on our native ad supply using search ad retargeting. This new ad format helps you reach customers who have already expressed intent based on Yahoo searches for certain keywords.

Today, we wanted to share a few tips to help you make the most of these kinds of campaigns.

  • Track performance: Use higher bid modifiers to get more traffic and consider whether other modifiers may be driving down your bid. For example, you’re likely limiting your traffic if you have a -90% search on native modifier and a -50% device type modifier.
  • Remain relevant: Confirm that your current image is relevant to all campaigns. Make sure your messages match your images for top performance-driving queries.
  • Use your logos: Reinforce brand recall and inspire action by letting your logo shine in images and using brand mentions where applicable.
  • Test often: Pull ad performance reports regularly and compare image performance for ad refreshes and testing. Clean your keywords: Just like your search advertising campaigns, use keyword performance reports to defend positive ROI and ad relevance. Add negative keywords where applicable.
  • Break it down: Separate your campaigns into similar performing groups (e.g., seasonality, purchase-funnel location, price point, etc.) to better measure performance across groups with similar goals.

More than a thousand advertisers using Yahoo Gemini have already seen an increase in traffic and savings in cost per acquisition by running their search ads on native supply. Work with your Yahoo account team to get started or to optimize your campaigns for the best performance.