How brands can think big around the big game

Football season is well underway, and fans are getting ready for the NFL playoffs and the big game on Sunday, February 5th, 2017 in Houston.

As our Yahoo Sports editorial experts prepare their player analyses and team predictions, we’re here to equip our advertisers with a winning game day media strategy. Here’s a look at key trends and how brands can be part of the action during one of the most widely viewed television events of the year.

The pregame starts early

According to Yahoo Search, Super Bowl party planners start early and there are opportunities for brands to join in:

  • 81% of searches for game day snacks and food occurred 7+ days in advance
  • 50% of food-related Super Bowl queries on the day before the big game are on a mobile device
  • None of the top 25 Super Bowl recipe search queries are branded

Super Bowl recipe search queries from Yahoo SearchMany consumers forego meal preparation and order in on game day, according to Yahoo data, with the start of the game being the busiest time:

  • One-third of game day pizza orders occurred within one hour before or after kickoff
  • Pizza orders peak between 6:45 and 7:00 p.m. EST

Game Day Pizza Order Peak Times from Yahoo Search

Game day is about more than just the game

Consumers are searching for the next water-cooler moment. Super Bowl commercials always generate a lot of buzz, and consumers turn to Yahoo Search to find replays of commercials and learn more about brands:

  • More than half of Super Bowl ad searches happened outside of game day: 21% occurring during the week prior to the game and 41% on the day after
  • Mobile is the go-to resource for ad searchers: 57% of game day queries come from smartphones or tablet devices

On game day, consumers are looking for basic information about the game, including information about tune-in, game location, and more:

Online traffic and sales peak the day after the Super Bowl

Millions of fans search for news and recaps of the game. Looking back at last year’s data, February 8, 2016 was one of the highest traffic days of the year for Yahoo Sports.

Sales of merchandise like jerseys and hats for Super Bowl teams skyrocket on the day after the conference championships. According to Yahoo data, Denver Broncos merchandise purchases on the day after they beat the New England Patriots rivaled sales during the days before Christmas.

The Super Bowl is an opportunity for brands and advertisers to reach every type of fan. From retail to CPG to entertainment and beyond, there are unique touch points for all brands to engage with consumers on their Super Bowl journey before, during or after the game.

A multi-platform strategy is key to a successful campaign around the Super Bowl. Although the Super Bowl is one of the most watched TV events of the year, some of the highest online traffic days occurs after the game.