Gobbling up holiday shopping during Thanksgiving Week

As those of us in the U.S. look forward to celebrating a food-filled Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, holiday shopping is about to kick into high gear.

As we’ve detailed in our Retail Holiday Marketing Playbook, Thanksgiving week is a pivotal period when holiday shoppers shift from browsing to buying. We know marketers are eager to get a better understanding of shopper attitudes and behaviors during this time—and optimize their campaigns appropriately.

With this in mind, we’re debuting new holiday shopping insights to help inform marketers for the 2016 season. Here are our key findings:

79% of consumers plan to purchase holiday gifts both in-store and online this year

Your customer sees no differentiation by channel, and craves consistency in their connection with your brand and shopping journey. Your holiday strategies will be the most effective when you offer a seamless brand experience that spans all channels (in-store, web, app).

Last year, on Black Friday, the share of searches conducted on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) climbed from 26% to 35% YoY.Shoppers increasingly rely on mobile as a "go-to" resource to aid them during the busiest shopping day of the year. Engaging shoppers on mobile, while they are in decision-making mode, is critical. This spans the research phase, into consideration, and ultimately purchase.

29% of holiday shoppers plan on avoiding shopping during the Thanksgiving week.Really?! Yes! While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the top shopping days of the year, there are plenty of consumers who choose not to shop then. It’s important for marketers to think about pacing their campaigns and optimizing strategies for those who reserve their shopping for before and after Thanksgiving, and even after the holidays. This is a valuable audience you don’t want to miss.

For additional insights on shopping and search behaviors, check out the slides below. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and, of course, don’t forget to squeeze in a little holiday shopping for yourselves!

*Search keywords comprised of over 200 branded and non-branded retail and shopping terms.