Forecasting the future of native advertising

During a Yahoo panel at Advertising Week 2016 in New York, Ron Amram of Heineken USA and Jeff Giacchetti of MediaVest | Spark forecast the future of native.


Jeff Giacchetti (of MediaVest | Spark): I think for native, short-term, where it's going is data.

Data-driven, dynamic creative, that can be traded programmatically.

And I think there’s where scale is going to really open up, that's where standardization is going to be able to take hold. That's really going to be the greatest opportunity for brands and marketers like us, to go out and ensure that our messages are uniform that we we have the highest reach possible and they're actually using creative in a way that's compelling and valuable to audiences.

Again, driving that value proposition that native has to do.

Ron Amram (of Heineken USA): I think you're going to see an evolution in how advertising blends with content going forward.

I think you're going to see closer partnership between advertisers and the platform's going forward.

That's the evolution you're going to get to: bigger ideas.

And that's really the next great opportunity, how we seamlessly create more branded content that is more native and more contextual.