Done with Programmatic 101? Enroll in BrightRoll DSP Advanced Certification

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BrightRoll is happy to offer Advanced Certification, a new online program designed to help users make the most of their partnership with the BrightRoll DSP. This series of coursework will focus on applying more complex features to real-world scenarios, starting with a program focused on Audience Builder and using Yahoo data for effective audience targeting.

Learn at your own pace

The Advanced Certification course allows you to make your way through interactive coursework and then test what you have learned. The Audience Builder module is focused on teaching advertisers to apply first-party, third-party, and Yahoo custom audiences to any campaign. More modules are set to release this year, to give our users greater expertise of every aspect of BrightRoll DSP.

Advertisers can choose from any combination of data sources to create a Composite Audience or build Lookalike audiences using an advertiser’s first-party data. Unique Yahoo audiences let advertisers repurpose search keywords, email domains, or even refine audience parameters by anonymized purchase confirmation emails.

Contact your BrightRoll team to learn more

BrightRoll Certification is available to all DSP users, but we encourage you to complete Core Certification first before moving to Advanced Certification. Don’t forget that your BrightRoll account team is also available for training and day-to-day guidance.

Reach out to your representative today to sign up for BrightRoll DSP Certification.