Dishing up marketing success with mobile recipe seekers

When it comes to finding scrumptious recipes, mobile devices have really spiced things up in the kitchen.

Recipe seekers are going mobile, with almost half of smartphone/tablet owners saying they use their mobile device to look for recipes. (38 percent do so at least once a week!)

With recipe searching being a strong indicator of purchase consideration, Yahoo conducted a study to help grocery retail marketers better understand the opportunities with mobile recipe seekers. Here’s what we found:

Search is the first course in the meal

  • More than 2 in 3 respondents say they start their culinary journey with a search engine

The majority of mobile recipe seekers start with online search to help them discover recipes, providing a great opportunity to use search as a key advertising strategy. Additionally, understanding specific search behaviors will help marketers target their messaging to maximize impact and drive greater results.

Mobile devices are the new sous chef

  • More than half (56 percent) view recipes on their mobile device while cooking

For grocery retail marketers, mobile devices can’t be ignored when it comes to reaching recipe seekers. Mobile marketing is a key strategy necessary to capture an already engaged audience of food-minded consumers.

Device usage while cooking differs across audiences

  • 75 percent of millennials view recipes on their mobile device while cooking, while only 55 percent of adults 55-64 and 34 percent of adults 65+ do so

When engaging mobile recipe seekers, it’s important to acknowledge that device usage while cooking can vary across audiences. Consider working with advertising partners who can offer unique audience target segments at scale to help you deliver messaging truly aligned with specific behaviors.

Mobile recipe seekers take their time

  • Information gathering is common among mobile recipe seekers, with more than 2 in 3 searching for recipes they plan to cook several days later.

Grocery retail marketers can use this lengthy consideration window to be top of mind with mobile recipe seekers so that when they are ready to purchase groceries, your store will be their destination of choice.

With so many shoppers turning to mobile devices for inspiration and help in the kitchen, grocery retail marketers have a significant opportunity to tap into a highly engaged audience. With smart advertising strategies in place that are inclusive of search, mobile, and nuanced audience targeting, grocery retail marketers can serve up success with customers.

To partner with Yahoo to reach mobile recipe seekers, please contact us here. Bon appétit!