A day in the life of today's media consumer

New study offers a glimpse into consumers’ busy, media-rich, and multi-device daily lives

Today’s media consumers absorb an incredible amount of content. In our new study, A Day in the Life of a Media Consumer, we look at how audiences naturally interact with content and advertising across various devices, services, and media channels. In order to get a clear picture of engagement, we leveraged behavioral and biometric analyses to inform our conclusions.

Through our groundbreaking research study we were able to uncover answers to key questions that impact how marketers and advertisers plan and buy media:

  • What media is most effective at delivering an attentive viewer for my advertising?
  • How is multitasking impacting consumer's ability to emotionally respond to my advertising?
  • What are consumers doing on their mobile devices during the day, and what if any differences exist between demographic groups?

For more insights on the lives of media consumers, read the study: A Day in the Life of a Media Consumer.